August 2007 meeting

August 9, 2007: Due to vacation schedules, we skipped the July meeting and there were 7 in attendance at the August meeting: Charisse, Liana, Peggy, Janet, Elaine, Ethel and Sue. Eleanor came for a little while too after she enjoyed her whirlpool and massage, we should all be so lucky. :-)

Charisse was looking marvelously pregnant and was definitely counting down the days. (Update, Izzy was born on August 29th at 9.5 pounds)

Charissa opened the meeting, we talked a little about business, a possible field trip to Chattanooga or Huntsville. Left it open for further thought and discussion.

Peggy showed off her purchase of Yak by Shokay (clickable link)

Knit Shops announcements:
Angel Hair has new shipments of Koigu.
Haus of Yarn has started a monthly sock-knit-a-long on the 1st Thursday from 5:30-7:30.

We watched a video called "The Wong Way of Knitting". It was a very unique way to knit and the purl stitch looked wonderfully easy. We agreed that it might be a good way to do FairIsle and decided it would be good to try as a group next month.

Show and Share:
Charisse - baby sweater made from koigu.
Sue - Gypsy Shawl made from Koigu, Baby dress in pink (MinnowKnits), Brittan Jumper made in cotton fleece and 3 pairs of socks.
Peggy - she has tackled the Long Vest in the Vogue 25 years issue.
Elaine - baby lace project and also another lace project from the book Gossamer Webs
Janet - Gypsy Shawl as well
Liana - socks

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