March 2008 meeting

There were 6 in attendance, including 1 guest: Elaine, Liana, Barb, Peggy, Janet and Montana.

The meeting opened with the apology of the January minutes not yet being posted.
Discussion among the members concerning the "guild" in comparison to "knit-nights". Mostly the members look to the guild for discussions about knitting and crochet and learning new techiniques that general knit-nights don't provide. We discussed upcoming learning opportunities and Elaine (master knitter) has agreed to have a class at the April meeting on edgings. In May, Peggy will share her vintage sock collection with us.

More discussion about Charity knits.

Show and Share was next:

Elaine shared a baby Fair Isle Sweater and Tam. Done in Baby Ull on US 3-4 in a beautiful teal and white. She also shared some Fair Isle socks also done in Baby Ull, a beautiful Alpaca triangular scarf with a crocheted edging bind off. (maybe she'll teach us this one sometime) Pattern was from Elann.

Barb shared her Quant, an Entrelac Headband in a variegated blue. She also showed her crocheted Afghan for Gabriele done in Encore. She was working on a shawl in Merino 5 yarn.

Peggy was working on a dog sweater that was going to have dinosaur-like triangles on top of the back. very cute!!

Janet was working on the 2nd sleeve for lace cardigan. Yarn was Gong, an Italian yarn by Ornaghi Filati (a mercerized cotton) in cream color.

Liana was working on a piece of a scarf from Knitters winter 2008. Also working on socks, pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, Pennants, knit from Wildfoote.

Montana (guest): was knitting on 2 socks, made from her own spun yarn. (maybe she'll come back and share her spinning with us)

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